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About the OPML Editor permalink

The OPML Editor is an outliner, an editor that works with chunks of text that slide around on rails. You can control the level of detail you look at, and reorganize according to structure. It's great for writing blog posts, technical notes, program code, legal briefs, product plans, to-do lists, entire websites, anything where ideas need organization.

See the outliner cribsheet for an idea of how outlining works.

Open source permalink

The OPML Editor is a distribution of the open source (GPL) "Frontier" programming environment.

It can run apps written for Frontier, but it's unique in that it boots up as an outliner, ready to edit OPML documents.

This document explains how to get started.

Windows permalink

1. Download, extract the OPML folder.

2. Copy it where you want it, be aware that it can't be moved after you install. The obvious choice: your Program Files folder.

3. Open the folder and launch OPML.exe. A dialog should appear asking if you want to update to get the latest code. Please do. It's a "hot" install, you don't need to quit the app to keep going.

Macintosh permalink

1. Download OPML.dmg.

2. Drag the OPML folder to the Applications folder.

3. Open it and run the OPML app. A dialog should appear asking if you want to update to get the latest code. Please do. It's a "hot" install, you don't need to quit the app to keep going.

As of October 2011, the app in the OPML folder is a Universal app. You don't need to find Rosetta to run OPML.

Macintosh "Mavericks" permalink

Ted Howard has created a version of the OPML Editor that runs on Apple's new Mavericks version of Mac OS X.

Apparently it runs well! So if you're running that version of the OS, you should give it a try. ;-)

Download: Github repository. You'll find a link to the downloadable binary in the file there.

Amazon EC2 permalink

The OPML Editor is available as an Amazon machine image. The EC2 for Poets tutorial walks you through setup.

Rackspace, Azure, etc permalink

Use this download if you want to run EC2 for Poets on another platform.

Download this folder onto any Windows 2003 Server platform, running on Amazon, Rackspace, Windows Azure, or in your living room.

You will get the almost-full EC2-For-Poets experience.

How to update permalink

If you're already using the OPML Editor...

1. Choose Update opml.root from the File menu.

2. Quit the app and relaunch (this is needed to be sure the menubar refreshes).

That's all you need to do. You might want to visit the Preferences and Tools Catalog at the top of the Misc menu.

The Frontier environment permalink

It boots as an outliner, but it's also a rich scripting environment, with a built-in web server, content management system, multi-threaded runtime,. It's also a development environment with a full debugger and built-in object database.

All of it is organized by the outliner. We noticed that hierarchies are all over computer systems, so having it all organized with a rich hierarchy editor made a huge amount of sense.

It's also a rich environment for running apps, which you can find on the "Tool Catalog" page.

Questions or comments? permalink

You can leave questions or comments below.

To read about the OPML Editor, see the main howto.

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